Water Damage

Water Damage is a severe problem that often gets overlooked. Although it may be just a tiny leak in the roof or a plumbing pipe left long enough, it can become a very costly repair. The first time you see any signs of a water leak or water damage, contact us for a free estimate before the damage worsens.

Telltale signs of common water damage issues:


Leak in the roofing system:

  • watermarks on the ceiling
  • storage in the attic is wet
  • watermarks around the exhaust vent

Inside the home:

  • watermarks on the ceiling from the upper-level plumbing
  • watermarks on the wall or around the baseboard
  • standing water in cabinets, around the water heater or washer
  • water coming in at the exterior door

In the crawl space:

  • bouncy, uneven, or soft-feeling floors
  • cabinets becoming out of level
  • odors or musty smell
  • high humidity in the house
  • moldy smell

When it comes to leaks in the roof, the signs can often take a while to appear due to the insulation absorbing the water. But, when these marks are seen, the problem must be addressed as soon as possible.

The water marks inside the house will usually be more noticeable. It is essential for these not to be looked at as minor issues. These problems have the ability to become a considerable complication if overlooked due to the water traveling to the subfloor and the primary framing of the house. In these cases, a new subfloor and finish flooring will usually be needed, which can turn a minor problem into a costly repair.

The most critical area in your house to be cautious of water damage is in the crawl space. This area needs to be checked often, as it is not a frequently visited area of the home, and the damage will usually go unnoticed until it is a significant problem.

If there are any concerns about water damage, please feel free to contact us at 864-991-0862, and we will provide a free inspection for you.