Foundation Repair

Foundation repair causes:

  • Water drainage – pooling around the foundation leading to softer soil, causing compression
  • Water leak – causing erosion under a foundation element
  • Poor construction or design of the foundation – footers not made large enough to support the structure’s load. 
  • Poor site preparation – lots of organic material left on the foundation site that has decomposed over time or not compacting the soil enough to prevent compression under the structure’s weight. 

Symptoms of a foundation problem.

  • Noticeable cracks in the interior and/or exterior surfaces
  • Cracks in the foundation elements, including the poured concrete or block walls, the brick veneer, or the piers. 
  • Wash our erosion around the perimeter of the home. 


Solutions to foundation problems. 

To make a foundation repair, we have two leading deep foundation solutions we can install; a helical pile or a push pier. 

Both options support the footer by attaching a large metal bracket to the footer and extending the foundation many feet into the ground. On average, between 21-35ft. 

The push pier system uses a hydraulic jack to drive metal tubing into the ground until the home’s structure starts to rise. This system is loaded to the weight of the existing structure. Push Piers are a good fit for areas with limited access to large machinery. 

A helical attaches to a similar bracket, but we install them using a hydraulic motor on a larger piece of machinery like a mini-excavator to power a screw into the ground. We drive the helical until a specified torque reading corresponding to the needed bearing strength.

We install industry-leading helical and push pier products from Magnum Piering Inc. in Ohio. All the steel is manufactured here in the United States from ore mined in the United States. Their products meet the highest standards for engineering and safety testing; on top of that, their engineers and designers literally wrote the book on heliclas. They were also the contributing authors of the portions of the building codes that pertain to their deep foundation products. It’s the best product on the market because second best is not good enough to support your foundation.  


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