Floor Leveling

 Floor Leveling


 Bouncy, sloping or sagging floors can be caused by several issues under the house which would require floor leveling. For example:

  • Over spanned lumber- undersized structural components
  • Misaligned walls
  • Dry Rot
  • Termite Damage
  • Sunken Pier(s) which support the floor system
  • Excessive weight added (large island, safe, water bed)
  • Water Damage / Water Leak


 Over Spanned Lumber

 This is a common issue with alot of older homes and even some newer ones. In which the floor joists are undersized for the required length of the room. This can give you a sloped floor.

 Misaligned Walls

 When a wall is not properly positioned over the floor joist, it can lead to flooring issues where the floors feel like they are sinking at the wall.

 Dry Rot

 Your floor over a crawlspace is where dry rot can set in to the lumber. This will eventually weaken it to the point of failure. As the fungi starts to grow it will weaken the part of the lumber that gives it the strength. For more about Dry Rot Click Here !

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