Concrete Slab Repair

Concrete Slab Repair

  First thing about the slab foundation is that it is a monolithic pour, meaning that the footer, foundation wall and slab is a single pour.

  By code they are required to use 3000 psi concrete. This is a strong mix if it is poured on properly compacted dirt. When it is poured on unstable ground the concrete will have stress cracks that will separate.

  Unlike your driveway that has control joints that are cut into it to control where the slab cracks. The slab foundation under a house carries alot of weight, so when it cracks there can be serious damage from them that can cost a small fortune.

  If a concrete slab is uneven, it could be because of settlement or foundation heaving. Foundation settlement can be solved by installing foundation piers.

  There are also times where the slab floor can lift or sink independently of the walls.

  Concrete slab floors crack and settle when the soils underneath them shrink, settle or wash away.

  Likewise, a concrete slab will lift, or “heave”, when the soils underneath expand.

  A concrete slab can move independently of adjacent foundation walls, or along with them. Since settlement isn’t uniform, one section of a slab may be elevated as another section sinks down.


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