Closing Repairs

  Residential Closing Repairs

  The home buying experience, whether it’s your first home or your dream home, is one full of excitement. It can also be a little overwhelming, homes are a big purchase, and there can be so many unknowns.

  Fortunately, we are here to remove one of the prominent and sometimes terrifying unknowns. When you receive your home inspection report, you can have 90-plus pages. This will consist of text and pictures for you to look over. You may have unnerving questions running through your head after reading every line, “is that a problem? And if so, is it a big one?”

  Regarding everything listed for the crawl space and foundation sections, we are here to put your mind at ease. We will review your home inspection free of charge. 

  Our free inspection will cover all of the issues that will need addressing. We will answer any questions and help you understand exactly what is happening. This will help you make educated and informed decisions about repairs that you want to be done.

  If your home inspection mentions issues in any of the following areas, having a licensed professional in that field conduct a further review is a good idea.    Click Here to fill out our free inspection form!

Common Issues For Closing Repairs

   – Heating and Air – Inadequate, sweating, or poorly insulated ducts
    – Electrical issues
    – Plumbing issues – such as a leak or poor drainage
    – Roof issues – a leak, old boots, sagging roof line, missing gutter
    – Dips in the floors
    – Presence of Mold, Dry rot, mildew smell, dark wood, or excessive moisture
    – Termite damage – both active and inactive
    – Modifications to structural members or signs or previous repairs in the crawl space
    – Cracks in the exterior walls
    – Doors that will not close
    – Damage to a joist, girder, band, rim joist, sill, sill plate, or pier.

  Lastly, when someone comes out for your closing repairs, ensure that the contractor has the proper licensing for their job. For work on a foundation or structure, your contractor must have a residential home builders license.


   You can search the license number your contractor should provide at Make sure it is current, and a bond is on file. It’s also a good idea to ensure they are insured (with the proper insurance to cover their scope of work). Significant issues can happen while working on your house. The homeowner should not get stuck with the bill.

  If you do not have a home inspection report, Click Here for Our Recommended             Licensed Home Inspector.

  If you already have a home inspection report, you can Click Here to contact us or forward it to Make sure to add your contact info, and we will get back to you within 24hrs.