Floor Leveling


Bouncy, sloping, leaning, dipping, or sagging floors can be caused by several issues under the house, which would require floor leveling solution. For example:

  • Over spanned lumber 
  • Misaligned walls
  • Dry Rot
  • Termite Damage
  • Sunken Pier(s), which support the floor system
  • Excessive weight added (kitchen island, safe, water bed)
  • Water Damage / Water Leak


 Over Spanned Lumber

 This is a common issue with a lot of older homes and even some newer ones where the joists are over-spanned. They are either too long or not big enough for the spans they are being asked to cover or the loads they are supporting. This can lead to deflection in the joists and sometimes in the girders. This deflection leads to the bounce and dip in the floor. When the lumber is significantly undersized the symptoms will show up quickly. If the lumber is only slightly undersized it can take decades for the problem to become evident. 

 Misaligned Walls

 When a wall is not properly positioned over the correct supports, this can lead to a dip at the wall. Sometimes the wall will only sit on top of one floor joist when it should be on two. Sometimes a wall sits between two floor joists and is held up only by the subflooring. In other instances, a load-bearing wall does not sit on a girder which causes the joists trying to support it to dip over time. 

 Dry Rot/Termite damage

Dry rot and other microbial pests can form on the lumber in the crawlspace if there is high moisture and weaken the lumber over time. In severe cases, they may even damage the lumber to the point of failure. For more about Dry Rot, Click Here! Termites can also reduce the strength and capacity of the support systems when they eat them. 

Excessive weight

If a significant load has been added to a portion of the house that it was not designed or intended to carry, this causes a deflection in the supports, meaning dips in the floors. Typical causes for this are a change in countertop material from laminate to stone, the addition of a kitchen island, large fish tanks, big safes, and water beads. 

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